Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glowkit Review

aurora glow kit

Aurora Glowkit Review

Aurora Glow Kit

Aurora Glow Kit released by Anastasia Beverly Hills on April 4th around noon. The Aurora Glow Kit  featured 6 unique warm toned highlighters. The glow kit released exclusively to the Anastasia Beverly Hills website at the retail price of $40. The kit will be available at other retailers such as Ulta and Sephora during the month of June. It is currently still available. Make sure you get your hands on it before it sells out.

I purchased my glow kit during the release date on April 4th. My kit arrived within 2 business days with free standard shipping. I was honestly surprised that my kit would arrive so fast with basic shipping. Upon arrival I opened my package immediately to examine these vivid colors being flaunted on all the beauty gurus social media accounts. Even though the Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit just released as soon as I saw the preview on the ABH Instagram account I had to make it apart of my collection. The Aurora Glow Kit is the sister to The Moon Child Glow Kit that I have as well. Although the kits are somewhat similar they are not exactly the same.

As per usual the Aurora Glow Kit produced excellent pigmentation and color variation. Aurora is an amazing glow kit. Anastasia never fails to produce great quality each time they release a prodct. The kits are worth every single ounce of $40. You are getting product that will last you a very longtime , and is a staple to everyone’s makeup collection. In the look above I am wearing Spectra on my cheekbone , Luna on my cupids bow , and Lyra on my eyebrow bone. You can also see more of this look on Instagram via @NosidamStyle .

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  1. D'Shaunte says:

    That pigment is beautiful!

    1. nosidamstyle says:

      It is an amazing palette.

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