Moschino x Sephora Collection Review

moschino x sephora collection

Moschino x Sephora Collection Review


moschino bear

Moschino x Sephora collection. A few months ago Sephora announced that they would be doing a makeup collaboration with high fashion brand Moschino. The collaboration was set to be limited edition only releasing to only August 11th and certain Sephora locations on August 24th.


The collection made a debut release on August 19th online. The collection’s prices ranged from $18-$89. The super cute collection consisted of  8 teddybear themed cosmetic items. From lowest to highest priced the collection included a Bear Compact Mirror for $18 , a Moschino Shopping Bag Eyeshadow Palette for $18 , a Bear Eye Mask for $20 , a Bear Highlighter for $22 , a Bear Lipgloss Chain $32, a Bear Eyeshadow Palette $48, a Bear Brush Set $54, and a Moschino Toy Eau de Toilette $89.


Moschino x Sephora Collection



Out of the eight items in the collection I only purchased two items during the scandalous release. I was going through hell just to get the palettes in my cart because they kept going in and out of stock throughout the day. The items that I purchased were the Moschino Shopping Bag Eyeshadow Palette , and the Teddybear Eyeshadow Palette. The other items in the collection did not catch my attention so I decided to purchase the two eyeshadow palettes.


moschino shopping bag eyeshadow palette

Before receiving my palette I watch reviews from a few youtube influencers, and I was not swoon by the quality. From the reviews that the influencers released many of the shadows lacked pigmentation based on my opinion.

After all the drama during the release I was ecstatic to open my Sephora package. Furthermore, A noticeable feature in the palettes was the fact that the Moschino shopping bag eyeshadow palette had the exact same colors as the teddy bear palette. Most noteworthy ,within the palette were similar shades that could be found in the Urban Decay Naked Heat , and the Morphe 35o & Jaclyn Hill palette. There was a bit of confusion with the impression there would be unique shades in both palettes. My conclusion is that they probably did that to offer something for the people who did not get the large teddy bear palette.

    My final thoughts

All in all the Moschino x Sephora collection was worth purchasing. The shadows are great for the price. Thank you Sephora for making this collection affordable for all consumers. As for me I will be putting these shadows back in there packaging and setting a display up for them. Hence it is basically a makeup collectors item I do not want to use it.


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