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urban decay naked heat

Urban Decay Naked Heat

Urban Decay Naked Heat.

Urban Decay , A very popular makeup brand , is the home to the NAKED palette series. On June 12th,2017 Urban Decay launched a pre-release of the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. The palette is set to release to the public online June 30th,2017 , and in stores on July 15th,2017. The Urban Decay Heat palette is the fifth addition to the Naked palette series retailing for $54.  Just like the previous palettes this featured 12 warm toned shades and an eyeshadow brush. The shade variation consisted of siennas, burnt oranges, burgundy, and nudes.


urban decay naked heat

The Urban Decay Naked Heat First Impressions

 Due to me being a huge fan of warm toned palettes, and lover of urban decay products. I knew it had to be apart of my collection after watching many you-tubers posting their reviews and looks.Many of my everyday neutral eye makeup consist of all the colors this palette was made up of. On the night of the release I stayed up till 3am waiting for the launch. i ended up dosing off before it launched , but luckily it didn’t sell out. It ended up selling out that same evening. The palette arrived within 2 business days in chic packaging that looked like a match box.  I was ecstatic to put this baby in my collection.

urban decay naked heat

My first impressions of this palette were not my expectations. Upon applying the new eyeshadow I applied my urban decay primer potion to my eyes to prep them. Once that settled I began to apply the shadow beginning with the shade “sauced”. Most noteworthy ,the nude transitioning shades were very chalky and stiff. Burnt orange shades accumulated the most pigment. The copper toned shimmer shades were also very dense with pigmentation. The only copper shade that showed vividly was the shade “Dirty Talk”. I found myself having complications trying to complete a full eye look because on my complexion the colors did not show up well , and blended together muddy.

It was so many high hopes for Naked Heat. This palette sadly lacked pigmentation , it had a lot of fall out , and looked similar to other palettes on the market. In my opinion I would suggest saving your $54. There are other cheapers alternatives for this palette. This is not anything that you should rush to get or not even get at all. In the meantime you could sign up for the chance to win this palette.


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  1. Maya says:

    This palette is so pretty! If I was better at make up I’d definitely be willing to drop $50 on this

  2. Tomei says:

    Oooooh I can’t wait until my pallete arrives!

  3. Nelly says:

    I love love trying new brands
    I haven’t yet tried urban decay but with this review I definitely must get it .
    Great review

  4. Latasha Love says:

    That is unfortunate. I knew it though. I saw so much raving being done about this palette but looking at the palette I knew it was something I’ve seen before. Thank you so much for confirming my instincts <3

  5. Galen says:

    Thankful your honesty, sometimes the hype can distract you from the truth. Really enjoyed this review.

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